HARK methodology is based on the premise that an accurate understanding of people and the work environment is more important for success in the long term than hard work and education.

This coaching service is useful for employed men and women who find their work relationships and situations a stumbling block in achieving their professional objectives and helps them navigate from a position of uncertainty to predictability.

The modern workplace is changing very fast. Often, circumstances rapidly spin out of our control. The potentially promising career very soon gets stuck in the quicksand of unpredictability. At this point, we are constantly afraid of losing our position, power or prestige. Our hard work and commitment seem underappreciated. We are not sure how our leadership perceives us. Even the most competent among us can feel lost, unsure and ambivalent at such times.  Unfortunately, we are unable to extricate ourselves from this situation because our perspective is clouded by our feelings of anger, frustration, confusion and subjectivity. Without an objective grasp of the situation and our expectations, we will get frequently blindsided by people and the circumstances. Without this careful evaluation of ourselves and the surroundings, we can sink deeper into this sense of uncertainty and despondency.


Presenting HARK (Heed, Assess, Reason, Know), a coaching methodology built specifically for employed individuals to help them accurately deal with the chaos and confusion around them and make impactful strides in the ever-changing workplace. We help clients to assess and manage seemingly confusing or complex challenges by providing a better understanding of the "real world". With this knowledge, they have the clarity not just to survive, but to truly thrive. Clients can expect to go through a discovery and assessment session, ‘life-action’ plans, and 1-0-1 deep dive coaching sessions as well as pulse check meetings by an experienced coach. HARK methodology encourages a paradigm shift towards predictability and performance at the workplace. Developed after 10 years of personal experience and learnings at large corporates and small start-ups, this methodology has been proven effective enough to be applied universally. 


“Hark Coaching Services is a good fit for someone who has the ability and skill to do their job but lack an honest feedback mechanism and personal ability to interpret complex situations or people accurately,” says Jay, Founder of HARK Coaching Services. “The methodology can be translated into simple practical steps and will enable anyone to overcome uncertainty and arrive at a clearer understanding about the way forward."

“ If you contribute to other people's happiness, you will find the true goal, the true meaning of life”

Dalai Lama


What Clients Have Said

"Managing politics at work has never been my core strength. I am an open book and when I joined a large company I soon realized that most colleagues are not very transparent. Jay helped me uncover the true natures of my manager and team members and now I have learnt to "read" others correctly and avoid walking into unpleasant situations by being proactive. If you are someone who has difficulty navigating the corporate ladder, you will benefit greatly from Jay's coaching."

Geetika, Seattle