HARK coaching services helps experienced professionals navigate and resolve complex work situations and relationships by developing the one thing that matters most – interpersonal intelligence.

Feeling underappreciated at your workplace? Not sure how your leadership is perceived, or what your leaders thinks of you? Even the most competent among us can feel lost, unsure, ambivalent, or unhappy at times. Whether you work for a large corporate enterprise or a small startup, or work in a community or an institution, you will interact with multiple personalities during the course of a day. Professional men and women understand how important it is to interpret behavior and communication of their leaders and colleagues correctly to be successful. If we have not grasped our expectations correctly, we're likely to be frequently blindsided by the people around us. Understanding each other is an indispensable part of living a fruitful professional life. 


HARK (Heed, Assess, Reason, Know) is a coaching methodology built specifically for professionals to help them accurately understand people around them and make strides in ever-growing and diverse social groups at workplace. We help you to interpret and manage seemingly confusing or complex interpersonal challenges coming from senior leaders and colleagues. With this knowledge, you will have the clarity not just to survive, but to truly thrive. Clients can expect to go through a discovery and assessment session, ‘life-action’ plans, and 1-0-1 deep dive coaching sessions as well as pulse check meetings by an experienced Interpersonal Intelligence coach. HARK methodology encourages a paradigm shift with regards to workplace relationships.


“Hark Coaching Services is a good fit for someone who has the ability and skill to do their job but lacks an honest feedback mechanism and personal know-how to navigate complex relationships or communications between people,” says Jay B, Corporate Coach. “The methodology can be translated into simple practical steps and will enable you to overcome workplace challenges and arrive at a clear understanding about the way forward."


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The main purpose of HARK coaching methodology is to create self-awareness of ones own preferences, understand other people's needs well enough to learn how to collaborate with them, and provide tools to make choices that motivate them to achieve a satisfying life direction. HARK is not meant to diagnose or treat people and is not a substitute for therapy or counselling. It is simply a different perception or approach towards creating a better functioning system - professional or personal.


For a successful outcome, co-operation and commitment is required from the client. The client will have to participate in multiple honest discussions throughout the duration of the program. The weekly sessions will be at least an hour long and the total duration of the program can range from 3 to 6 months. Time slots will be mutually set in advance and more than one cancellation and/or rescheduling is not permitted.


  • Better decision making

  • High motivation

  • More adaptability

  • Sense of responsibility

  • Better performance 

  • Understand strengths and weakness of others

  • Better team manager/player

  • Alignment with compatible social groups or organizations


Very few people work in an isolated environment. Whether in the corporate or any other sector, most of us work in a team or large group. As such, our goals and targets are communicated to us through a labyrinthian chain of hierarchy. Wherever a group of people are involved, there  is an interplay of sensitive and complex interpersonal dynamics. Inspite of personal competence, very often people fail in their careers because of reasons and factors beyond their control. HARK Coaching will help you to navigate through the intricate strands of the hierarchy (interpersonal intelligence) and clearly understand the organizational expectations from you ; thus enabling you to focus sharply and clearly on what is relevant for success.