Jaideep Banerji (Jay), Executive Coach

I have more than 16 years of diverse professional experience in large multi-national corporations as well as entrepreneurial start-ups. At various points in time, I have directly supported and collaborated with more than 25 cross-functional senior executives and leaders globally. During this period, I was keenly able to observe, study and understand the complexity and sensitivity of people and organizations. Being a man of science (Engineer) and management (MBA), I developed a methodology to deal with uncertainty at the workplace so that it does not become a stumbling block in achieving my professional objectives. HARK methodology enables employed men and women to re-look at personalities and organizations in new ways, and deepens the intelligence in understanding ourselves in the context of our social settings.

In my spare time I try to strike a balance between my two passions – cooking and working out. I have lived in four metropolitan cities across two continents, and travelled to fifteen countries. At present I live in Seattle, WA (USA).

My mission is to develop a technology solution to promote social harmony and wellbeing.